Social Media Basics

Social Media Strategy

The strategy is the base for the success of campaigns, social ads or influencer marketing. Through experience and a sensitivity to branding we know what our customers need to create awareness, reach and interaction.

The following modules are possible within the strategy development process:

  • Creation of customised social media strategies

  • Conception of creative campaigns

  • Social-Media-Workshops

  • Trend- und Know-How Knowledge

  • Social-Media-Storytelling


A social media analysis can pursue various objectives.

Status-quo analysis of the current activities
We analyse social media channels for performance, content and strategy. We use social media tools for a quantitative social media analysis as well as a manual review of the content. We determine whether the objectives are in line with the measures and develop recommendations for action.

Competitor analysis
We analyse the social media environment and evaluate it. This gives us a picture of the positioning of the brand compared to the competitors. This allows us to identify opportunities and differentiation criteria. Following a social media analysis, content can be discussed together and serve as a basis for the further development of a social media strategy.

Definition & Setting of Goals

After a concrete analysis of the current state and competition, goals are defined from this. Here we record which goals are to be achieved, where one wants to be and when. We discuss what the focus should be on, be it branding or conversion. Goals must be defined to make success measurable. Success requires clear goals, because these help to set priorities and concentrate on the essentials.

Consulting & Guidance

The success of projects depends on one essential factor: communication between all parties involved. Therefore, it is part of our job to plan, control and coordinate, but above all: not to lose the overview.

  • Compact project management with focus on social media

  • Advice on budget recommendations and recommended actions with regard to target groups, reach and agreed objectives in the respective channels

  • Organisation of the complete workflow for a smooth project flow or for a successful support

Creation & Advertising

Content Creation

Individual content is designed and created by our team to convince the target group and promote dialogue - with the aim of generating awareness, reach and commitment.

The content is delivered in different formats. Depending on the application area, the content is created in the form of posts, stories or ads.


We develop & present our results and the upcoming To Do's in a kick-off workshop and train your employees in the Do's and Don'ts of social media marketing.

Organising & Improving


Today, targeted access to relevant information is crucial for proactive corporate management. An essential basis for this is meaningful reporting. But how can the results be interpreted and which KPIs indicate success or failure? It is crucial to be able to interpret the campaign results and derive further recommendations for action from the results. Based on our experience, we can draw on industry-specific benchmarks to evaluate the success of marketing activities. The reporting provides good and clear control information to be able to take further social media measures. Once again, this requires a clear goal orientation in order to absorb and process only the information that also represents added value. We create reports by listing a clear goal-oriented selection of data, interpreting the data and defining goals and target groups.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is now standard in the social media marketing mix for most brands. However, effective and sustainable influencer marketing is not so easy, because product placements quickly fizzle out, even with high-reach influencers. Strategically, we use this form of marketing to authentically place new products, create a specific brand image, develop a special target group, build trust and achieve sustained awareness.

From communication to organisation, the following points also belong to our tasks:

  • Identification of suitable influencers

  • Authentic storytelling and product placement at the highest level

  • Relationship management

  • Influencer events

  • Sponsored content

  • Reporting of the collaboration

Community Management

The community management reacts to the social media activities of the users. Good community management brings brands and target groups closer together. Communication is by no means limited to responding to complaints, but also means generating interaction and promoting dialog through proactive communication.